Private Cremation

Up to 10 lbs


11 - 34 lbs


35 - 64 lbs


65 - 99 lbs


100 - 125 lbs


126 - 200 lbs


Additional Information

With Private Cremation, your pet will be cremated individually in our crematory.  The ashes of your pet are returned to you in our complimentary urn (pictured on the right).  We also offer additional Products such as Urns, Figurines, Markers, and Displays.

Group Cremation

Up to 50 lbs


Over  50 lbs


With Group Cremation, your pet will be cremated along with other pets.  The ashes will not be returned to you, but are instead disposed of by Wheeler Petuary.

Paw Prints

In addition to our Crematory Services, we offer Paw Prints of your Pet.

Terracotta Clay – $25.00 + tax
Book Paw Print – $40.00 + tax

Additional Products

We have a full range of Pet Memorialization Products, including decorative urns, pet caskets, and markers.  You can view our additional products here.

Transportation Information

Involving Our Veterinary Partners

Transportation of your Pet from one of our Veterinary Partners – FREE
Returning the Ashes of your Pet to our Veterinary Partner – FREE

From a Pet Owners’ Home

Transportation from a Pet Owners’ Home is available by request Monday through Friday from 9 am to 5 pm.  Pricing is dependent on the distance from our office to your home. Please contact us at (470) 205-3000 for pricing.”